The Office for Statistics Regulation held a webinar on its work.

Likelihood ratios can help in diagnostic testing and decisions.

Odds and probabilities

In classical statistics, probabilities are relative frequencies of…

Support for changing asylum working rules is lower than a campaign suggests.

Opinion polls take up another constitutional role: this time in Scotland.

To accompany my book, I created a website using the distill package.

Data wrangling is not what some people would call fun.

StatsWales publishes Covid-19 vaccine wastage statistics.

In the Delta waves, are children more at risk?

  • Greater transmission: the Delta variant spreads with more ease than other variants.
  • Greater severity: the Delta variant induces more serious…

What is the vaccine coverage by age groups in England?

A holiday for statisticians went to Manchester this year.

The conference started in the main auditorium.

Opening the conference

Organisers asked me to help open the conference with presentations about Covid-19 statistics. This talk was to focus on my voluntary work with…

Anthony B. Masters

This blog looks at the use of statistics in Britain and beyond. It is written by RSS Statistical Ambassador and Chartered Statistician @anthonybmasters.

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