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  • Rhian Davies

    Rhian Davies

  • Dan Cookson

    Dan Cookson

    Freelance Housing & Spatial Information Specialist. Using latest #tech such as @CARTO @Tableau to map/chart/describe places & housing markets.

  • Roger Awan-Scully

    Roger Awan-Scully

  • Jac Larner

    Jac Larner

    Lecturer in Political Science, Cardiff University.

  • Siobhan McAndrew

    Siobhan McAndrew

    I research in the social science of culture and religion, moral communities and civic engagement. QStep lecturer at U. Bristol.

  • Ellie Murray

    Ellie Murray

    Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Boston University School of Public Health. Follow for causal inference, epidemiology, & data science. Twitter: @epiellie

  • David Spiegelhalter

    David Spiegelhalter

    Statistician, communicator about evidence, risk, probability, chance, uncertainty, etc. Chair, Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication, Cambridge.

  • Marios Richards

    Marios Richards

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