Age, Education and the EU Referendum

In short

Education dominates age: The article falsely asserts the educational relationship is due to age. Older graduates are more likely to have voted Remain.

Age and Education

There are two notable relationships in polling for the EU referendum.

NatCen’s British Social Attitudes survey 2016 found a similar relationship to Ipsos MORI.
Whilst older graduates have a lower Remain share than younger ones, it is still well over 50%. (Source: NatCen)

Social Attitudes

Based on the British Social Attitudes survey, we see that the EU referendum was principally divided on education, together with a smaller generational divide.

The definitions of each term can be read in the full report. (Source: NatCen)
A common lens for social attitudes are views on immigration. (Source: NatCen)

Political Knowledge and Perils of Perception

The article’s thrust is that greater political knowledge induces a higher likelihood of voting Leave. We can test this assertion directly.

The British public typically overestimate the number of EU immigrants. (Source: Ipsos MORI)



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